Копорский Иван-Чай

Production and wholesale of handmade Koporsky Ivan-tea.

Tea is grown on our own field, located directly in the Koporye settlement (Leningrad region).

Копорский Иван-Чай

Our technology of creating the "proper Ivan-tea"

Leaf collection

is carried out only manually. So no stems, flowers or other stuff will get into the tea.


occurs naturally and slowly so that the leaf retains its juice and twists beautifully

Leaf twisting

occurs with direct pressure control to prevent leaf breakage

During fermentation

the leaf is placed under the press, where juices are oozing out and fermentation begins, followed closely by technologists, so that the taste, aroma and useful properties of tea remain at the highest level.


occurs at high temperature and ventilation. As a result, tea gets a complete look

Иван-Чай классический

Classic Koporsky Ivan-tea

A fermented leaf of willow-herb harvested in the village of Koporye, Leningrad Region. It is made in the classical way. The drink has a recognizable taste of true Koporsky tea and a clear intense amber color.

100 гр = 60 чашек чая
Иван-Чай средней ферментации

Ivan-Tea of medium fermentation

Green Koporsky Ivan-tea A fermented leaf of willow-herb harvested in the village of Koporye, Leningrad Region. The shorter fermentation period gives an opportunity to get a more mild color and taste in comparison with a classic drink. For this reason, it is called "green". For fans of not a strong drink.

100 gr = 60 cups of tea
Иван-Чай с таволгой

Ivan-Tea with meadowsweet

Koporsky Ivan-tea with meadowsweet The fermented leaf of the in combination with the flowers and leaves of meadowsweet collected in the village of Koporye, Leningrad region. Along with the fields of willow-herb in Koporye there is quite much meadowsweet. No wonder that, according to the taste qualities, meadowsweet is ideally combined with fireweed willow-herb. Meadowsweet is considered to be a natural aspirin. Gives the drink a more golden color. Adds the notes characteristic of inherent in meadowsweet.

100 gr = 60 cups of tea

Koporsky Ivan-tea with lemon balm

The fermented fireweed leaves collected in the village of Koporye, Leningrad region, are blended with lemon balm leaves. The medicinal raw materials of lemon balm contain an essential oil with a strong lemon flavor. The traditional medicine has always been recognized lemon balm to have many medicinal properties. So, for example, infusion of lemon balm (the grass itself and the tips of the stems with flowers) helps with heart diseases treatment. The drink retains a transparent amber color and has a recognizable taste of lemon balm.

100 gr = 60 cups of tea
Иван-Чай с чабрецом

Ivan-Tea with thyme

Koporsky Ivan-tea with thyme Fermented leaf of fireweed classically collected in the village of Koporye, Leningrad region in combination with thyme. Popular thyme is famous for its ability to split fatty foods. The drink has a transparent amber color and a bright taste and smell of thyme.

100 gr = 60 cups of tea
Иван-Чай с малиновым листом

Ivan-tea with a raspberry leaf

Koporsky Ivan-tea with a raspberry leaf The fermented fireweed leaf collected in the village of Koporye, Leningrad region, is blended with a raspberry leaf. The taste of the drink practically remains the same, as if you brewed the classic fermented Koporsky Ivan-tea, with the use of a raspberry leaf. The amber color of the drink becomes deeper.

100 gr = 60 cups of tea

Why is it profitable to work with us:


We produce TRUE Koporsky tea. Our fields and production are located directly in the village of Koporye, in one of the first historical places of Russian Ivan-tea manufacturing.


We provide delivery to wholesalers in any region of Russia.

High quality

Our company is proud of the highest quality of collection and production of Ivan-tea, as confirmed by the certificate of compliance RU.RU.21ПС30, dated 20.03.15.


Products are shipped THE NEXT DAY after payment.

Offer for HoReCa

Filter bags for brewing in a teapot. One filter bag is designed for a 500 ml teapot. There are 5 blends:

Classic Ivan-Tea

A real small-leafed Koporsky Ivan-tea. Recognizable rich aroma. Ideal for guests at hotels, cafes, restaurants.

Ivan-Tea with thyme

Small leaf with thyme. The moderately expressed taste of thyme is perfectly combined with the taste of Ivan-tea. Soft amber color.

Ivan-Tea with lemon balm

Small leaf with lemon balm. The taste of this tea is as close as possible to herbal one. A good choice for spa, phyto-bars. The color of herbal tea.

Ivan-tea with rosehip

A small leaf with rosehip. Has a shade of fruit tea, loved by children. Recommended for schools and pre-schools.


Offer for retail chains
and corporate gifts

Filter bags with small-leaf Ivan-tea for brewing in a teapot. One filter bag is designed for a 500 ml teapot:

Classic Ivan-tea

The offer is ideal to become familiar with the product, in order to understand the classic taste of true Koporsky Ivan-tea.

Small-leafed with thyme

A gift will be appreciated by every man. The perfect combination of Ivan-tea and thyme will please any man.

Small-leafed with lemon balm

Offer for ladies. Relaxing component of lemon balm conquered all women a long time ago.

Small-leafed with rosehip

Ivan-tea with rosehip is an ideal drink for family tea drinking. Children drink it with pleasure.

Small leaf with twill

We recommend lovers of new impressions. Original taste will please with its unusual.

Small leaf with fruit berry

A gift for a girl. Romantic notes of natural strawberries will color your evening in bright colors.


Pouch is the best choice for Ivan-tea!

In the old days in Russia, linen pouches were used to store Ivan-tea. In these bags tea underwent an additional passive dry fermentation (was cooked) and improved its taste. It was convenient to take the bag with you on a visit or a military campaign. The pouch almost did not weigh anything and was very convenient to use. One could get it, untie it, take tea out, brew it - and a wonderful drink was ready. Today, the company "Koporsky Ivan-tea" revives the tradition of storing tea in linen pouches. After all, this is not only a "historical fact", but also an excellent souvenir, an original gift to a loved one or a business partner.

There are pouches for 40 and 100 grams on sale.

Заваривать Иван-Чай

How to brew Ivan-tea?

It is important to know

Like any natural product, our tea needs certain conditions to make you happy with taste, aroma and useful properties.

Brewing process

Our "Koporsky Ivan-tea" does not contain dyes and taste enhancers, so it takes time for brewing (at least 10 minutes) and boiling water (certainly steep). 


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